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May 15

Construction is about to begin

Posted on May 15, 2019 at 5:01 PM by Andy Pederson

At last, spring is here and so too is construction season.  As you know, the Village will be completing ditch and stormwater work as well as resurfacing the roads on both Tennyson and Meadowlark between Fairy Chasm and Hermitage over the next several months.  

Stormwater work on Meadowlark will begin late-May and should be completed by early-July.  Stormwater work on Tennyson will begin late-June and should be completed by early-August.  Stormwater work will include driveway culvert replacements, right-of-way ditching and excavation, replacement of street cross-culverts, and other improvements to enhance the management of stormwater in the area.  All ditching landscape restoration will occur during the month of August.  Restoration of sanitary sewer manholes will be completed in June and July as well.  Road resurfacing is tentatively scheduled to begin in late August and be completed in mid-September.  Please note, all schedules are impacted by weather.  Much more detail will be provided on the blog as the construction season unfolds.  

Throughout the course of construction, you will notice numerous colored flags.  Please do NOT remove these flags as they indicate underground utilities as well as survey markings.  

It’s important to note each home will be impacted differently.  If you have any questions specifically related to the right-of-way in front of your property and were not able to attend the informational meeting earlier this Spring, please feel free to contact the Village at 414-206-3915, ext. 1.