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Residents can also view previous presentations regarding the phases of municipal water projects, as well as information relating to municipal water such as frequently asked questions.

About Your Private Well

If your home is serviced by a private well, this comes with a few inherent responsibilities, such as periodic testing and pump maintenance. Almost all forms of testing can be obtained by contacting the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene. Homeowners can obtain well testing kits by visiting the website, or calling 800-442-4618.

If you live at a home with a private well, you have the option to either keep your existing well after connection to the municipal water system, or properly abandon the well.
  • Well Testing as part of Property Transfer
  • Well Abandonment - If you choose to abandon your well, you must have it done properly by following the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources guidelines. Contractors licensed in this field are responsible for filling out the proper permits and submitting the necessary paperwork to WI DNR.
  • Well Operation Permit - If you choose to keep your well, there a few steps to complete.
    1. Make sure there is no cross connection between the municipal water supply and well water supply (this must be verified during your plumbing inspection).
    2. The well and pump shall have a history of producing safe water evidenced by at least 1 coliform bacteria sample performed by a certified laboratory.
    3. A certified well inspector must inspect the well and sign off that it is safe.
    4. Complete and pay for the well operation permit and submit all materials to the Bayside Village Hall for review.